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The power of small!

My company is a small company. In terms of move managers, we are probably a medium size company. Many are just 1 or 2 individuals providing services. We have about a dozen people on staff at any time. Our staff is consistent. Sometimes people take a break for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's to help a family member or to assist in a previous job.

We are small and we stick to our knitting - move management. We refer to others - movers, real estate agents, estate sale people, care managers, companies who place older adults in senior living communities, junk companies, cleaning companies and more. We have prided ourselves in never having a financial connection to anyone. It's cleaner that way. We provide very personal service and do what we do well. Many of our clients are from referrals from satisfied clients who recognize they could not have made the move without our help.

There is a new trend - grow large and consolidate with other companies. It is not us. Our new clients have their initial consultation with one of two people - the owner or director of operations. They meet people who have the passion and creativity to get the job done, regardless of what the job throws at them. Small means, unless it's unsafe, we find a way to get the job done. We are selective in those we hire. There is a certain type of person who fits well in our group. We know that and we cherish our employees.

Small is good. Small is where we elect to stay. Small means if you have a specific issue, we will find a creative way to deal with it. Small means there is a common goal and no large corporate overhead. Small means we do the right thing every time. Small means the companies we refer you to have a personal, not financial connection to us. Small means the companies and communities who refer to us cherish the personalized attention and consistent excellence in the service we provide, no matter how tough the job or demanding the client.

The one thing big in our company is our heart. We give 100% to everything we do. Considering a move manager - think big in what you want but small in who you consider.

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