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Estate Management

Perhaps your loved one just died or perhaps it's been awhile.  We can ease the burden of emptying the residence.
Steps to empty:
Steps begin after legal work is completed.
  • Identify items to go to loved ones.

  • Sort through home to ensure items of value are found and identified including money, jewelry, investments, etc.

  • Sort paperwork into 3 categories - keep, shred, trash.

  • Arrange for transportation of items to heirs.

  • Identify appropriate options for disposing of unneeded / unwanted items.

  • Arrange for trash removal.

  • Return cable / internet equipment.

  • Properly dispose of all medications.

  • Return keys to Real Estate Agent or Leasing Office.

Trash or treasure?
Estate Management
Your job:
  • Identify what items go to which heirs.

  • Decide your level of participation with the remainder of the job.

Our Job:

Whatever you can't do, we'll handle.

We strive to honor the wishes of the estate and heirs, minimize the cost of clean out,  and avoid taking things to landfills.

Our ultimate goal – a broom swept home ready to be sold or turned back to the leasing agent.

Our extensive resource list makes the job easier.  The process can be less emotionally taxing with our assistance.
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