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Move Management

Our systematic method of approaching projects brings order to chaos.

You take your money, medication and jewelry.  We'll handle the rest.


What to Expect?

  – Initial consultation is designed to allow for us to meet and discuss project requirements.

  • Discuss desired services.

  • Discuss options for addressing client needs.

  • Discuss time frame, constraints and more.


Cost – None!  Free of charge for the initial consultation!

In general - it is less stressful and more cost effective to move before emptying the home.


Services Menu includes:

– Move Plan - create a plan to address client requirements and time frames.

– Floor Plan - create computer generated furnished floor plan.

– Movers - obtain bids from qualified movers.

– Sort / Organize.

  • Assist with choices systematically.

    • In each room, closet and storage area, we assist with selections.

    • Each area is labeled to indicate choices and completion.

  • Label furniture to correspond with Floor Plan.

  • Document location, placement and arrangements with pictures. 

– Pack with unpacking in mind. 

– Unpack & residence set up.

  • Label cabinets for easy access, unless otherwise specified.

  • Remove packing materials.

  • Make bed.

  • Leave home ready to be lived in.

– Obtain estimates from contractors, handymen and more.

– Empty residence according to the client wishes.

– Send items to loved ones.

– Arrange for disposal of unneeded / unwanted items by sale or donation.

– Arrange for shredding and return of cable / TV equipment.

– Assist with implementation of staging plan.

moving boxes
moving truck
To arrange a no cost, no obligation consultation, call  (410) 515-1199 or complete our contact  form.
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