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Client living room.
Furnished Floor Plans

Our clients are not one size fits all, neither are our services.

Management offerings include:

Move Management

Estate Management

Organization Management

Reorganizing homes for people who wish to stay at home

Specific services include:

Customized, computerized floor plan design.

Sorting / organizing.

Packing designed to facilitate unpacking.

Referrals to qualified movers (we are not movers).

Supervising the mover.

Reconnecting electronics - stereos, TV's, computers, etc.

Hanging light weight pictures and wall art.

Arranging for items to be sent out of state.

Preparation for home sale.

Referrals to real estate professionals.

Referrals to qualified handymen, cleaners and more.

Evaluate and recommend options for disposing of unneeded items.

Change of address, return cable equipment.

Arrange for shredding.

And more!

Our services are tailored to address the specific needs of our clients.

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