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Happy New Year!... 2020 recap

It's so incredibly easy to get caught up in the 24 hour news / blues cycle. The pandemic, lock downs, mask and social distance requirements can put a damper on things. I haven't eaten out in ages. Our traditional holiday party was over zoom. It wasn't the same. In the darkest times, there are good things. Here are some we've experienced:

- We are still helping older adults move. There are restrictions in place and we have not been able to get into as many communities as in the past but we are still working!

- We are still helping older adults organize and declutter! Yes - this is part of what we do. We've done more of it this year for a variety of reasons.

- We still help families when their loved ones move to a higher level of care or when they pass out of this world. These can be some of the most stressful moves. We've helped many families with these issues as well.

- We've met some incredible people. From new referral sources to some lovely clients - we are so blessed to be working with some very interesting individuals. What incredible stories we have heard, lives well lived and experiences shared. We are so blessed to be in this industry.

- My staff members - co-workers is how I think of them - are second to none. They have creativity, compassion and patience. They support each other and me as needed. How lucky we are as a collective work family to be able to do what we love around people we truly care about. We've added a few new staff members. They are incredible people too, fitting well into my work family. How fortunate I am to attract great people!

- I contracted COVID-19 in the summer. Some of my staff members have family members who have contracted the disease too. All of us have survived and so far have no lasting ill effects. I currently donate convalescent antibodies as often as my body will permit. I would encourage anyone who has had COVID-19 to consider doing so. Despite the vaccine, the antibodies are still in great demand. The American Red Cross does an excellent job of caring for those who donate during the donation process. It's a great feeling knowing I am potentially saving someone else's life.

What does 2021 have in store? We anticipate a good year. We believe with the vaccine, more older adults will be moving into communities. We know more older adults will decide it's time to declutter and make their homes safer. We're considering a new line of business we hope to roll out in the summer. It's a service 99% of our clients truly need. Stay tuned! We believe good things will follow this year.

Meanwhile, let's all pray for a healthy happy 2021.

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