• Charna Kinneberg

Before you call a mover...

Several years into my business I changed my tag line. Then again, 15+years ago, no one seemed to know what a move manager was. I didn't know what a move manager was when my sister in law sent one to help my sister and me move my father. Why would someone need to hire a move manager? My sister in law was a very wise woman. The task of figuring out my father's care was overwhelming enough but had I been saddled with the tasks of getting rid of what we didn't need, arranging for qualified movers to deliver things to 5 different locations and donating things that were still useful, it would have taken me a month.

By why call a move manager before a mover? We just look at things differently. We pack knowing someone needs to unpack the boxes so items are clearly marked. Sharp ends of knives are marked. Boxes are packed and labeled so the person unpacking has some clue of where the items should go. Furniture is labeled. Floor plans are completed so there is no question if the items being sent will actually fit. Lamps might be taken apart but all pieces are clearly labeled allowing for them to be easily reassembled. The list continues.

In Senior Transitions, Inc. we don't have a financial connection to other companies. Our goal is to obtain good rates for our clients and give them benefits they would not otherwise obtain if they were just to call a mover. That benefit might be knowing the best crew to use. Not all are the same. We'd like to think it wouldn't matter but in reality the crew does matter. Everyone I know who works routinely with movers has stories. Some crews are more careful. Some are faster. Some have short cuts to keep the cost down without compromising quality. We work with crews every day. We know which ones are the best.

So... before you call the mover... call us!

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