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COVID-19 and moves

It's a new world. It will be a very, very long time until we get to 'business as usual'. We can help at this time, just with modifications. Our first concerns are the safety of my staff, my clients, the movers we work with and the other residents and staff of the various communities we are moving people into. As such, we are setting protocols to protect ourselves and those we come in contact with.

No longer can we have a house full of people. No longer can we sort shoulder to shoulder with our clients. No longer can we ride up on the elevator en masse or leave the trash bags outside the door of the new residence for housekeeping to remove.

We can do many things. We can all wear masks. We can practice social distancing. My staff will be monitoring their health including checking their temperature to make certain they are not running a fever.

We can modify the way we sort, unloading cabinets and closets to surfaces and having our clients sit at least 6 feet from the items.

We'll be bringing in soap and hand sanitizer. We'll ask you have your masks on. We may explore packing without you being present. We need to weigh what works in each situation.

We are noted for our creativity. We'll be using our creative powers to insure everyone's safety while allowing our clients to have a say in where there things go.

It is a new world. Understand we are most interested in protecting those we are trying to help. If you are considering a move, we can help. Call us to discuss your concerns.

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