• Charna Kinneberg

What now? The COVID-19 Dilemma

We are in the middle of a unique situation. In many places, non-essential businesses are closed. In Maryland, with a few exceptions, the communities we work with are not accepting admissions. The communities are also not allowing outside visitors, opting for the use of technology to keep residents connected with their loved ones. Most communal meals have been terminated. Most group activities have also been terminated. This is not a pretty picture for those considering a move.

The situation becomes equally confusing when individuals moving to condos, apartments, other homes consider moves. My staff are not working in the field at this time. Ethically, we find it difficult to justify subjecting our clients, ourselves and our families to COVID-19. It's hard to stay at a distance and help someone sort, decide on furniture and the other services we provide. We want to be there for you and with you but for now, we have to look at alternative ways of doing things.

There are things we can do. We can coach you in sorting. Particularly if you have portable electronics such as a Smartphone, IPAD or other tablet. We can connect with you via technology and help you decide what you should / should not take. We can work for a couple of hours at a time, make notes as we go and progress along so when the time comes, you will be ready for a move.

In some cases, we can help with floor plans too. Especially if you are moving into one of the communities we work at routinely. We have many of the floor plans already loaded on our computer system. Send us your furniture measurements and we'll talk through where they can go in your new home. Once the communities are open, we'll validate the measurements and finalize the plan.

Mainly, we hope you are taking measures to be safe. If you have questions, want to talk about an upcoming move, please give us a call. We're here for you when you are ready.

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