• Charna Kinneberg

Where do I start?

Many of the people I talk to are totally overwhelmed with even the thought of moving. I recently talked to a woman who really wants to move but has no idea of where she wants to move, how large a place she wants or needs. She is currently living in a home that requires more upkeep then she wishes. Where do you start?

Most people start by tossing things out, frantically going through every closet, drawer and cabinet. My contention is don't. That's not the place to start. Start with the end in sight. Have a vision of what you want in your new home. When shopping for clothing, most don't start by tossing things out. They have a thought of what they need and go to stores with the end in mind. New pants. Black. Thin legs. Dress pants in a light material. Washable. In a specific size and cut. The details can be very specific.

The same process should be the first part of the move. How large? In what setting - urban or rural? What sort of support - a condo with security and a door man? A Retirement Community with continuum of care? Do they serve and meals? How large a community? How large a unit do you want? What is your budget? The details can continue to narrow the selection down. Once you have the picture in your mind, selecting what to take is much easier.

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