• Charna Kinneberg

Why the rules?

These are tough times for movers and move managers. We have our usual protocols - breakables out of cabinets / drawers, label things so we can recreate how things look and where they go, pack so things are not broken and more. We always knew your home was our work place but things are different now. We need have you join us in our safety protocols and that is not always easy or fun. When we leave, you get to stay home. We go onto more people's homes. We take with us our boxes, paper, tape, our tools and more. They count on us to keep their possessions safe. Today, we are just as concerned about keeping ourselves and our current and future clients safe. We do not want to be the cause of spreading COVID-19 to others. That means safety has to come first.

We don't want to put a damper on having visitors stop by. We hope you will show off your home and how lovely it looks even the first day you move in. We want you to brag about how we took good care of your cherished possessions, your furniture arrived safely, your lamps were reassembled with the right shades, your kitchen was organized and labeled so you could find things, your toothbrush was right where you could find it and your bed was even made.

When we tell you it isn't safe to have 5 of your friends over while we are working, we are not trying to be mean. There are often 4 movers, 4 STI staff in your home. If you add yourself and your loved in that makes 10. Add more people and not only is it tough for us to work but according to the guidelines of today, there are too many people in your home for it to be safe.

We will eventually return to only having to explain things like why, in your case, your furniture has to be emptied or helping you locate something you can't seem to find. We are truly looking forward to those times. But for now, our top concern, as we enter your home is completing the job as quickly as we can to limit our exposure to you and your exposure to us. If I have to make the choice between safety and politely asking your friends to leave, safety comes first. Our families and the next 5 people on our schedule would all want us to make the same decision.

Stay safe, stay well.

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