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You won't believe this one!

Believe it or not - there is not much that causes myself or my staff to pause. Many times our prospects and/or our clients are embarrassed because their housekeeping is not as good as they would like. 'Martha Stewart doesn't live here' could easily describe many places. But we can honestly say, the vast majority of the time, we have seen worse. There are some things that will cause us to back off. Those issues tend to fall into the category of 'not safe for anyone' such as black mold, rodent infestations, bio-hazards, etc. In these instances we are able to refer our clients to appropriate companies to remedy the issues and then we can proceed.

As embarrassed as our clients are, the housekeeping issues are not what gives us pause. We do our best to create move plans to minimize stress. Sometimes, through no fault of our own or our clients, things go wrong. It's at these times our clients rely on us for workable solutions.

Years ago, one lady had me come for what I thought was an estimate for our services. When I arrived, she expected me to have boxes and to pack her for a move that was scheduled the next day. At the time I was driving a very tiny car. Fortunately, it was a hatch back. I obtained supplies and did pack her. Yes - a Toyota Yaris hatchback can hold a substantial number of flattened boxes!

Another time, the client scheduled her own mover. On move day, 10 am arrived but the movers had not. We called her selected mover only to discover they had her scheduled for the following day. We were able to find another mover to come that day. Granted, it was a very long day but the move was completed.

Moving is stressful. People make mistakes. The key to the success of Senior Transitions, Inc., is we are generally able to come up with alternate plans. Our resource list is long and our ability to be creative when addressing issues is what our clients count on.

Whether the issue is weather related, if the plans to empty the home fall through, if the floor plan you worked hard to create doesn't work or even if you just decided to slip a few extra pieces of furniture in which makes a good floor plan unworkable, we will do our best to identify a solution that works. It's one of the many things that what sets us apart from a 'do it yourself' solution.

Don't worry about the dust. Let us help you design and implement a move plan that works for you.

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